A word about Open Access publication

iMedPub is an Open Access publisher. This means that all papers published can be accessed and downloaded for free by anyone. The Open Access movement evolved from the difficulties clinicians and researchers had accessing important work in their field because of the financial barriers put up by the traditional limited access publishers. This has sometimes meant that research paid for from public funds can only be accessed by the reader on payment of a fee.
To the author, Open Access means there is a processing fee for the paper. This is to cover the editorial costs of the submissions, publication, and archiving of your paper. Many journals now use this model and many research funders require publication in Open Access journals – so much so that many will pay the publication fee. If you are unsure about this in regard to your own work, contact your funding body or the institution where you did the work and ask if they do this.
Open Access publishing is only possible because of electronic publication. All iMedPub journals are published electronically and amongst a number of things this means that your paper can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world. It also means that papers are not rejected because of print constraints or size of the paper.

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