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Dear collegue,

iMedPub publishes a series of biomedical journals that employ a fast track peer review process. Manuscripts that are submitted to the journal will be sent to a number of Editorial Board Members, who will have around two weeks to provide either a recommendation for the publication of the manuscript, along with a written commentary detailing any changes that the authors can make to improve their manuscript before final publication, or a written critique of why the manuscript should not be published.

After the two-week period has elapsed, if the majority of the editorial evaluations recommend the manuscript be rejected, the manuscript will be rejected. If all the editorial evaluations that are received recommend that the manuscript be accepted for publication, the manuscript will be accepted. Otherwise, the editorial evaluations will be anonymously communicated to all of the Editors who participated in the peer review process. Each Editor will be given an additional week to review the feedback of the other Editors and to either confirm or revise their earlier editorial recommendations. If the majority of the editorial evaluations that are received by the end of this second round of review recommend the manuscript be accepted for publication, the manuscript will be accepted. Otherwise, the manuscript will be rejected.

The journals we publish follow an hybrid model, which allows authors to choose between publishing open access or under subscription. Open access model allows disseminating scholarly articles by removing the access barriers imposed by the subscription model, in order to make the full-text of all published articles freely available for any interested reader. In this model the publication costs of an article are covered in the form of Article Processing Charges (300€), which are publication fees paid from the research budget of accepted authors. In this model authors retain the copyright of their work, and we make every possible effort to ensure that the full-text of every published article is both visible and accessible to all potential readers.

Manuscripts that are submitted by the members of the Editorial Board of iMedPub journals will automatically receive a 50% reduction in their Article Processing Charges.

Please do visit the web pages above and let us know if you have any questions or comments to We hope you will accept to join the Editorial board of our journals and I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Carlos Vázquez
CEO iMedPub

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