Why serve as a peer reviewer?

Team-handsAs your career advances, you are likely to be asked to serve as a peer reviewer. You won't earn any money for this, and you'll no doubt be busy with your own work. However, there are some good reasons for saying yes:

  • You will be contributing to the scientific process by providing an objective assessment of the methods used by other researchers.
  • Serving as a peer reviewer looks good on your CV as it shows that your expertise is recognized by other scientists.
  • You will get to read some of the latest science in your field well before it is in the public domain.
  • The critical thinking skills needed during peer review will help you in your own research and writing.
  • Peer reviewing is an opportunity to “give back” to the scientific community – your fellow researchers will have taken the time to review and help improve your manuscript, so this is your turn to do the same for them.
  • In addition, members serving as peer-reviewers of iMedPub Journals can benefit of a discount of 50% in charges when publishing in iMedPub journals. 

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