Publish your book in Open Access with iMedPub

We would like to invite you to consider publishing a new book us in Open Access model. In this model, the book is available online to all interested readers, who do not have to pay for accessing its contents. Open access brings a wider audience and broader readership. It can also help promote printed copies of the work.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider iMedPub as your publisher:
- fair and comprehensive peer-review of submitted proposals and manuscripts
- English language copy-editing by native English speaking specialists in the field (we accept also manuscripts in Spanish)
- professional composition of the manuscript in PDF format
- hosting the book on MetaPress platform, with many functionalities, e.g. active links in references
- printed copies sold to libraries and individuals, by iMedPub and distributors (e.g. Amazon)
- royalties for the author from print copies
- indexing by Google and similar services.
- e-book delivery to libraries and full-text repositories (e.g. Google Book Search)
- Creative Commons copyright license

As a rule, open access books are published in so-called author-pays model, which means that the author (or rather his or her affiliate institution or another sponsor) of the book manuscript accepted for publication pays a Book Processing Charge, which covers the production and marketing costs. This year we have a special promotion, charging 1€/page plus 2€/figure only.

If you prefer the traditional way of publishing, where the book content is available only to libraries and individuals who have paid for it, we are of course also available for it.

If you wish to submit a new book proposal, please e-mail us at

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