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Welcome to a new world for medical books. If you want to participate in a publishing revolution that expands access to information; knowledge, while still generating handsome royalties, iMedPub's Books might be for you!

You are
  • an expert in your field
  • willing to share your knowledge and expertise with the world
  • ready to write a book
We will
  • guide you through the editorial process
  • distribute the PDF and eBook of your book around the world
  • make the print edition available for sale at Amazonand many other sites for sale
  • present your book to pharmaceutical and other medical companies

If you are an expert in your field, consider writing a book with iMedPub and reach out to a worldwide audience.

Pages: 75-100
Authors: 1-4
Downloads per year: 20.000-100.000
Print edition: for sale at Amazon.com
and Google eBookStore

About iMedPub

We were started by long-time publishing industry execs driven by their conviction that the old model was broken, and that there was a better way to serve the needs of authors, faculty, and students. With trusted colleagues and advisors, they devised a disruptive business model, built around great authors, that is changing the future of this great industry.

 What are we looking for in an editor?

You are a highly accomplished; committed clinician or academic / researcher on any biomedical field. You can bring vibrant teaching to the printed (or digital) page. You are known for your scholarship. You may have experience writing books – more than half of our authors do. Or, you just have a killer idea and the chops to get it done. You’re for us!

Models for Editors of books
  • Collaborative Books (Booknols). It is a multiauthored book, peer-reviewed, professionally edited, developed, and published online under a Creative Commons license. A "for print-on-demand" version is also arranged. Collaborative authorship and review based on Knols makes it quick and easy. Editors earn rapid market share, greater royalties over time, and do some good!
  • Open Medical Publishing (omedpub.com) is a project by iMedPub. We integrate and systematize open medical publications. oMedPub intends to integrate open access biomedical science into rational series of ebooks. Open access articles are collected into posts that serve as chapters for book series. In addition series are collected into volumes.  
  • Traditional Books. Authors write books on their own with our support. We professionally format and edit the book and arrange sales.


Why publish with iMedPub?

Because you care. You want to deliver unparalleled content but don’t think they should have to take out a loan to pay for it! You want to be well-compensated. You want to partner with your publisher, not feel like a contractor. You want to retain your copyright. YOU GET IT – you know the time to act is now – no second-mover status for you. You want to publish with iMedPub.


Would you like to join?

Just tell us about you. Email us at info@imedpub.com

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