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In the rapidly changing world of medical publishing, the role of the journal Editor is one subject to ever increasing pressures and demands.
As well as the responsibility of assessing and accrediting journal content, Editors are actively involved in managing, developing and promoting their publications whilst facing the challenges and opportunities presented by the continuing metamorphosis of the web. To make a publication successful takes not only academic excellence, but also an understanding of how to maximise the potential of a journal.

We publish journals combining both traditional and innovative models. Instant academic publishing with transparent peer-review. iMedPub enable researchers to reach wide audiences in each field of expertise covered by the journals. iMedPub shortens the time needed before publication, offers a high quality peer-review system (based on Open Journals System), professional copyediting, and submission to many online directories.
iMedPub provides optional  hybrid services (authors can choose between publishing open access or under subscription). Open access services have costs for the peer-review process, final copy-editing, and publication that are met by author payments, which allows iMedPub to maintain high standards while making access free for readers. Our charges are the lowest of all open access journals.

If you are interesed in bocoming a board member, please email us with your CV at info@imedpub.com and it will be forwared to the Editor-in-Chief for approval.

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Read our publications
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