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Producing biomedical publications since 2005
iMedPub is a medical publisher based in Spain and UK.
iMedPub is a new approach to scientific publishing. As an open service to scientists, it is driven by researchers for researchers, while serving the interests of the general public. Therefore, we are a collaborative publishing house. iMedPub disseminates research in a tiered system, beginning with our specialty journals and working upwards. Our research evaluation system is democratic and objective, and based on the reading activity of not only scientific communities, but that of the general public. It drives the most outstanding and relevant research up to the next tier, the field journals.



The grand vision of iMedPub is a world where all people have an equal opportunity to seek, share and create knowledge. To help actualize our grand vision, iMedPub provides open and free access to all of its publications (learn more about open access). We publish journals, books, conferences and websites by using internet tools and a wide net of collaborators.



iMedPub n aims to uphold the rights of authors, address their needs, and foster a rapid, convenient, unbiased, and comprehensive publishing environment, which not only guarantees the highest quality constructive peer-review process, but also provides an evaluation system that involves the entire research community.
To fulfill this mission, iMedPub applies the most advanced Internet technologies to bring scholarly publishing into a new generation.


Dedication to Quality

Each article published by iMedPub, is a landmark of the highest quality, due to true collaborative interactions between authors and the highest quality reviewers. iMedPub supports only the highest quality reviews, and operates according to an unbiased review system.



To provide a new publishing system that
  • drives an increase in the quality of science world-wide;
  • disseminates science freely;
  • distills academic excellence;
  • delivers the most outstanding and relevant science to the public;
  • provides a new academic model for review.

To provide an evaluation and recognition system for authors that is
  • rapid and efficient;
  • fair and constructive;
  • rigorous and prestigious.

To provide a new business model for authors that
  • serves publishing needs of researchers;
  • obtains sponsors to support open access research publishing.

Read our publications

Read our publications
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